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Training Camp and New Beginnings

Hello out there! My apologies for a delay in updates. My mentoring job has started and I’m so thankful, but life has not slowed down!! This update is a little delayed, but here is it!! 

A couple weeks ago my new squad, Gap K, came to Gainesville for Training Camp! Being on the other side of training camp was so good and so stretching. Essentially my first week of being a Squad Mentor was training camp. I am someone who learns mostly from actually doing something, so this was a great way for me to get my feet wet in this new role! Myself, along with a training team of other alumni/WR employees, lead Gap K all week as they went through training. 

For those of you that don’t know, Training Camp is a 10 day training that all 11n11 and Gap Year World Racers are required to go through prior to going on the field. Training Camp usually puts people through the ringer. All scenarios and situations are done in the best interest of the racers and all of them are done in hopes to prepare them for real life events that could take place on the field. They eat community meals with very small portions, they have to hike 2.2 miles with their packs on, they sleep in tents, use porta-pottys and take bucket showers. They attend training and worship sessions. And do numerous activities to bond with their squad/teams. Fun Fact: we had a lice outbreak at Training Camp this year, which is actually a very real and probable thing on the World Race. I can’t tell you how many nights my team(s) and I spent on the Race picking through each other’s hair. It’s a real bonding experience! 

I have done training camp as a World Racer, and it’s rough. I was exhausted on every level imaginable during and afterwards. Being on the other side of Training Camp, I had no idea what to expect. After 14-15 hour work days for 10 days straight, I can confidently say that I was (again) exhausted on every level imaginable. It was tough. It’s difficult and extremely humbling to steward a group of 45 individuals, along with a leadership team. I had to consciously take every single thing to the Lord and ask for His strength. And don’t you know, He came through. Every. Single. Time. He never left me high and dry. He never left me to stand there and be confused. He took care of me. Tears were cried but man did I laugh! Those 18-19 year olds can teach this 29 year old how to Church Clap (look it up). I’ve still got it! haha! 

I’ll let you in on a little bit of how my heart felt. I have my own squad from my race. B Squad. I love those people deeply. There’s just something about the World Race that forever bonds you to the people on your squad. Maybe it’s the countless hours spent with one another. Maybe it’s that you’re seeing each person at their best but also at their absolute worst. You get down to the nitty gritty with people when you live with them 24/7. We are all super weird and super random but we worked and they are my family. I was almost scared that I wouldn’t have the capacity to love another squad as much. 

I can say this without a doubt: I felt my spirit come alive when I was with my squad. I went in to this not really knowing what to expect. I knew I would love my squad because that’s natural for me, but I had no idea that I would love them so soon!! 

The Lord gave me so much love in my heart for Gap K. I kept finding myself watching them (creepy) and being so dang proud of the people they are and who I could see they have the potential to become. They came into camp scared, nervous, anxious and on guard. By the end of camp, it was like they had all known each other forever. They worshiped with reckless abandon and ran hard after their Savior. They are men and women who are unafraid and unashamed of the gospel and are ready and willing to take it where it needs to go! They are going to rock this world for the Kingdom of God and I am extremely humbled that Jesus gave me the opportunity to lead them. And I’m sure they are going to teach me things, along the way!  

I am absolutely confident that the Lord led me to this job, at this time, so that I got to work with Gap K. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and love for both my Father, who gives really good gifts, and for each person on Gap K. I couldn’t be more excited for the next 9 months! 

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That’s it for now, folks. Thank you and gracias for stopping by. I hope to update you again soon! 

Oh yeah, and here they are: GAP K (missing a few)! 

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