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Let’s see, where to start….

Life has felt like a bit of a whirlwind lately. I have been figuring out my (not really new anymore) role at Adventures in Missions day by day and living my life here in Georgia! Obviously there are good days and bad days, and I am learning to take what the Lord gives and roll with it. Life can be so different than what we expect it to be, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still good, right? I actually feel really humbled that the Lord decided to use me in this way, and I’m still figuring out exactly what He’s doing. And I’m okay with that.  Okay so how about an update?!?!

I had the opportunity to go to Texas for 2 weeks for the holidays. I got to spend time with so many of my friends and family…especially my favorite nieces and nephews! Time home was really good for my soul and I didn’t hate all the delicious Mexican food I consumed & my mom’s home cooked meals. Thanks God!!! I came home for 2 very short days and then jumped on a plane to Guatemala to meet up with my people for a couple of weeks! I need everyone to know I flew Delta and they served a delicious cheese plate and I was really impressed. Do I talk too much about food? Idk. 

So, my squad (40, 18-20ish year olds) spent 2 months in Cambodia, the last 2 months in Honduras, and now they are in Guatemala! They are about half way through with their Gap Year journey! Crazy! So, the first week I was there with them, we had their mid-point debrief. Debrief is a time for the squad to rest, reflect, hang out and get filled up. Myself and the squad’s Coaches fly out and lead the debrief for the squad. We all stayed in hostels in Antigua (which is AMAZING) and spent time with Gap K! Debrief is usually very busy for leadership, very restful for the squad. We debrief the teams, lead nightly teachings, facilitate fun and so much more. I led a few sessions, the coaches led some sessions. We worshipped Jesus. We hung out. It really was a great time.

It brought so much joy to my heart to spend time with Gap K for a week. It was honestly like I was meeting new people. The joy and freedom that they have all found in Jesus over the past 5 months was almost unexplainable. They really are men and women who are seeking the Lord. When I was 18-20 years old I was very focused on myself. This is what the world tells us to do. I have been so encouraged to see a generation rising up that is not looking to meet the status quo of what life tells them to be. Most of them have barely graduated high school and deferred college in order to do this Gap Year program. It’s incredible! Not saying it’s the only way to go, but I really do look up to them so much for this! 

Right now they are split up into 6 different teams and they are all at various ministries throughout an area of Guatemala. They are all living at a base together and experiencing life in everyday community! Each team leaves at different times throughout the day to go to ministry. Ministry for the majority of them each day looks like teaching English at various grade levels and ages. They just have hearts to be the hands and feet of Jesus. And you know, He’s already there in Guatemala. They just want to come alongside Him and do whatever He needs them to do. They have hearts of gold. I’m a little partial though. 🙂

I get the opportunity to go back to Guatemala at the beginning of February until the beginning of March! Most of my time consists of me leading Gap K from the office here in Georgia. My job usually looks like a lot of emails/ phone calls/ check ins and lots of communication (with a lot of people) from afar! But a few times a year I get the privilege of going out to the squad, wherever they may be! I love that I get the chance to go and connect with the people I am leading in real time, every few months! This is honestly such a huge blessing in this job and I do not take it for granted! I will live at the base with the squad and spend my days going to ministry with them, having one on ones and just doing life with Gap K! Can’t wait to see what all the Lord does while I’m there! 

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these blogs. You are the real MVPs. Thank you to all who are supporting me in this. Whether you are giving financially, praying for me and my squad or whatever, I want you to know I am so appreciative and humbled.  

Alright well that’s it for now! Gap K, I’m coming for ya soooooon!

I am responsible for raising funds for my job here at Adventures. I am still in need of monthly/ one time support. I have about $500 in monthly pledges and need $1,000. If you feel led to give, I would be ever so grateful. The Donate button is at the top of this screen. If you have any questions or concerns, I’d love to answer them in any way I can! 

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